Dekart Logon

Dekart Logon 2.21

Authentication tool for Windows, Active and Novell directories

Dekart Logon is a software tool you can use when you do not want to memorize or type long passwords manually. This is a two and three-factor authentication for Windows, Active Directory and Novell eDirectory.

It contains a PIN-protected smart card, token or USB drive which is used to unlock the system. It also allows you to add biometric identification to add another security layer.

Dekart Logon has many features. It has the Multi-factor authentication which prevents identity theft with its encryption algorithms combined with biometric identification.

It also has the Quick authentication function so you can log on right away without any hassle. Dekart Logon also supports authentication for multiple users and domains.

This tool can be configured to work with several workstations and domains while using a single authentication device. It is a powerful tool with an easy to use interface that helps manage your Outlook accounts.